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Go to the Chinese restaurant and grocery store with Chinese tutor to experience the language

We will go to the Chinese restaurant, go to the Chinese grocery store, and go to the Asian festival to experience the language.

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Chinese tutor will give your pronunciation effective feedback and coaching.

Pronunciation correction mini session. Send your recording to me. I will give you 1-on-1 correction session.

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 Rita is a very dedicated Chinese tutor. She's also very creative so you won't get bored! --Google Review

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Survival travel e-booklet audio and online coaching can be ordered now!


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  • Q: The tones in mandarin are very confusing!  When I hear Chinese people speaking, I don’t really hear the different tones, it sounds like they are just talking normal. So I struggle to reproduce the tones correctly. 
  • Rita: Because they have been speaking Chinese their entire life, their ear is trained to hear the subtle tones, but yours is not. For you to pronounce words correctly, you will need to emphasize the tones more than you feel is natural. You just have to think of tones as emotions. For example: the fourth tone, you can think of as the angry tone. When you are very mad, your words and tone of voice tends to be very short, forceful and sharp!



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